Global Perspectives for Youth, LLC’s (GPY) long term host family program is for one academic year. Currently our students attend Marist High School in Eugene, a highly regarded private college preparatory school. Sharing your home with an international student brings the opportunity to experience a true cultural exchange and to develop a deep personal relationship that will last a lifetime! For more info, contact LuAnn Langford, International Coordinator, at 541.517.5915.

Name: Hongyu “Kyd”
Age: 16
From: China

Kyd looks forward to transferring to Marist High School as Junior in September 2012, after she finishes the year at her current American high school. Her favorite subject in school is math, and she speaks 3 languages: Chinese, English and Japanese. She is an independent, active girl who enjoys swimming, jazz and hip hop dancing, skiing, snow tubing, hockey, skating and hip hop music, as well as playing the guitar. Interested in finance and economics, her goal is to study these subjects and become a successful businesswoman in the future. Kyd says that her favorite foods are meat, sushi, cauliflower and anything spicy. She has experienced success in the past when she was the lead dancer in a stage play and when she won a prize for playing her guitar. She is described as humble, honest, open minded, confident, easy going, popular and a hard worker. She is good at reading and writing and has excellent comprehension. Kyd desires to become involved in her American host family’s activities, experience new things and bring happiness to others. She will come here to study and experience the American lifestyle, improve herself and make her parents proud of her!

Name: Hongyun “Jack”
From: China

Jack currently lives in Yichang, China with his mother and father. He will be a Senior when he arrives in Eugene in September 2012. Jack’s favorite subjects are Math and History and he speaks three languages: Chinese, English and French. He has traveled to Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Austria. His interests include reading, international affairs, the NBA, playing ping pong and basketball, and swimming. While studying at Marist he hopes to study hard, improve his English, experience a different type of education, receive new ideas and adapt to a new environment. Jack’s Chinese teachers say that he is outgoing, creative and well organized. They describe him as an independent thinker who is cooperative, honest, a team leader, enthusiastic and warm hearted. Jack looks forward to eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and experiencing many other American foods as part of his time in Eugene. He is excited to become independent, learn how to take care of himself and to have an excellent American experience!

Name: Yuming
From: China

Yuming is a 17-year-old girl who lives in Wuhan, China with her mother and father. She will attend Marist High School in January 2012 as a Junior. Yuming is active in her school through many clubs: Photography, creative thinking and dessert cooking. She loves sports and participates in swimming, running, volleyball, basketball and badminton. She also is very talented at playing the piano. Her musical tastes run from popular to classical. Yuming is an excellent student who is described as positive, respectful, diligent, well-liked, kind and gentle. She amazes her teachers with her competence and always is the first to turn her homework in. Yuming looks forward to being a part of many Marist High School activities, sports and clubs, while studying hard to prepare for college. She will love sharing her Chinese culture with her new friends in Eugene and with her new American host family!

Name: Zexin
From: China

Zexin, nicknamed “Harry,” is a 16-year-old Chinese boy who will be joining the Marist student body as a Sophomore in January 2012. Harry visited Eugene in 2011 while on a school trip. Coming to Marist High School to study is a dream come true for him. Harry has many interests including basketball, wrestling, soccer, ping pong, badminton, guitar, photography, American movies, English songs, piano and singing. He is a member of his school’s volunteer group. He has a great sense of social responsibility. His teachers say that he is active, respected by his peers, optimistic, always willing to help others and takes every opportunity to improve himself. His biggest strength is communication. He is a good student who is diligent, honest, organized and can work independently. He would love to join the school choir and also play basketball. He is excited to share Chinese culture with his new friends. Harry looks forward to the opportunity to experience America through living with his new host family!

Any household consisting of two or more persons related by blood, legal adoption or marriage may apply to host. At least one family member must be 25+ years old. At least one adult family member must be a native English speaker.

Previous host families have come in many shapes and sizes: single parents, families with teens, those with no children, young children, empty nesters, and grandparents. There is no such thing as a “typical” host family.

Up to two (2) per home, and each must be from a different country. GPY routinely places only one international student per home.


  • Private Bedroom (not office or family room)
  • Bed and Bedding (no air mattress or sofa bed)
  • Storage Space / Wardrobe
  • Quiet place to study
  • Meals
  • Transportation to & from school -- Most families drop off and pick up their student.
  • Entertainment & Activities -- We encourage host families to include their students in all family activities such as concerts, movies, ball games, birthday parties, etc.
  • Hospitality -- Students will appreciate your warm hospitality and genuine enthusiasm. They will enjoy becoming true members of your families.

A stipend is offered to cover the basic, everyday expenses involved in hosting an international student in their home. The stipend will also cover meals eaten in restaurants and activities selected by the host families. Students will come with medical insurance and their own money for personal expenses.

For more info, contact LuAnn Langford, International Coordinator, at 541.517.5915.

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